A Nebraskan in Paris moves to Dallas.

by Susan Freeman

Midterm week was also a surprisingly amazing week. Besides exams, I had the opportunity to attend a ballet at the Opera Bastille, which was stunning. the main ballerina actually got injured halfway through the show which I had never seen happen before, but overall it was a great performance. The following night I also got to attend a party at the American Embassy in Paris to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of my program IES in Paris. That was also pretty cool to get to see inside one of the buildings of the embassy, it was decorated Versailles-style and it overlooked the Place de Concorde and the Eiffel Tower, so the view was really breathtaking!

Thankfully I still passed my midterms all with flying colors and all without spending millions of hours in Mann Lib…its times like these that I really don’t miss Cornell at all! However, I am going to really miss all of Choklay’s (the AEPhi cook) amazing Passover dishes this week! The matzah brie and matzah balls are just so delicious - but I’m in Paris so I can’t complain. Apres midterms the weather in Paris also took an amazing turn! The sun came out and brought out all the Parisian people with it! It was really like the city came alive again and the parks and gardens everywhere were just full of people! My friends and I spent a lot of nice, relaxing time at a few parks around the city soaking up the sun and getting in some fabulous people watching! I also went to the Rodin museum for the first time, and went to see the Louis Vuitton + Marc Jacobs exhibit. The exhibit was super fascinating and really well executed. I don’t think it quite met the level of the McQueen exhibition at the Met last summer, but it is definitely up there (it was also curated by the same people I believe?). Either way, I am so glad I was in Paris and able to witness such an amazing fashion exhibition that I normally would have had to read a review about online instead!